Andy Nguyen,M.D./ UT-Medical School at Houston, Pathology/
Last Revision on: 11/20/2020

- Dr. Nguyen's CV
- Selected PDF Abstracts
- Web Pages of Interests

  1. WHO Hematopathology Book Review, PowerPoint files for WHO Hematopathology Book Review.

  2. Benign Hematopathology and Special Techniques Review, PowerPoint files for Review of Benign Hematopathology and Special Techniques.

  3. CD-MARKER PF, a dynamic Web-based database for teaching differential diagnosis of hematologic neoplasms using immunophenotyping data obtained with flow cytometry. This database is based on the latest World Health Organization (WHO) classification and current data on the incidence of positive and negative results for each neoplasm.
  4. WEB COAG, a Web-based decision-support system for diagnosis of coagulopathy.
  5. HEMATOLOGY CONFERENCES, PDF files used in the monthly Hematology Case Conference.

  6. XPHEMO, a decision-support system for laboratory diagnosis of hemoglobin disorders.
  7. Coagulation Case Studies, Coagulation case studies on major coagulopathies.

  8. Coagulation Unknown Conferences, Coagulation cases used in unknown conferences.

  9. INTERPRETATION REPORT TEMPLATES USED FOR TRAINING, Web-based templates to assist pathology residents in generating report for various activities.

  11. Hematopathology Rotation, Description of Hematopathology Rotation at Memorial Hermann Hospital.

  12. Introduction to typical case materials on Hematopathology Rotation

  13. Useful Hemepath Reference Articles , Selected reference articles in pdf format.

  14. Board Review for Hematopathology , Review files for benign hemepath, malignant hemepath, and coagulation.

  15. Coagulation-based Hemotherapy , Perioperative transfusion support based on rapid coagulation tests for advanced heart failure patients.

  16. Bone Marrow Procedure Video , for Resident Orientation, by B. Shattuck, MD; and R. Schniederjan, MHS, PA (ASCP)

  17. Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Subtypes Templates, using FileMaker Pro Database [Intranet use only; no public access]
  18. Immunology Reporting Templates
  19. RA-Easy: DSRIP Reporting Templates for Rheumatoid Arthritis, using FileMaker Pro Database [Intranet use only; no public access]
  20. Prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) with mutations and no cytogenetic abnormalities-TCGA Database
  21. Deep Learning for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) Prognosis
  22. Automated Diagnosis of Lymphoma with Digital Pathology Images Using Deep Learning
  23. Deep Learning in Hematopathologic Genomics & Proteomics